About Ronan

Ronan McMahon grew up in County Cork, Ireland, but spent the first few years of his life in Canada. These days, you’re more likely to find him in Mexico…Asia…Portugal…getting boots on the ground to find the best real estate opportunities.

Who is Ronan McMahon?

Ronan McMahon is originally from Ireland. A finance graduate, after college he worked in the dotcom and e-marketing industries. As he says, “Despite my finance background, I don’t invest in stocks or shares, commodities or start-ups. My passion has always been real estate. Any money I had, I invested in property.”

Ronan’s first real estate purchase was an investment apartment in Ireland, shortly after leaving college. That led to more real estate investments. He bought in the early days of a period of protracted growth in Ireland that triggered a real estate boom. In 2004, Ronan visited one of his properties. While there, a real estate agent approached him and told him he could sell the house for double what Ronan had originally paid for it.

“It sounded great on the surface,” Ronan recalls. “But I knew that the valuation made no sense. It signaled that the market was getting frothy. The real estate boom, I figured, would soon pop. I sold before the bottom fell out of the market, pocketed my profits, and looked for the next place to invest.”

Ronan took his profits and invested them in Panama City, Panama, where he earned more than $72,000 in gains from his investment. That investment sparked his interest in overseas real estate.

In 2008, Ronan visited Northeast Brazil…a place with endless white-sand beaches, palm trees and warm Atlantic waters. It’s Brazil’s most popular domestic tourism destination. And it was embarking on an economic and real estate boom, thanks to mega-investment and a surging middle class. Back in Ronan’s home country of Ireland, the economy was in freefall. People were panicking about their plummeting real estate values. In Brazil, the locals were panicking too. But they were not panic selling. They were panic buying.

“A couple of days into my Brazil visit, I heard about the launch of a new beach condo community from a connected insider,” says Ronan. “By the time I got word, 18 hours had passed—and 80% of the condos had already sold. I visited the site, liked what I saw, and locked down two condos for myself. I only had to make a tiny down payment of $736 on each condo.

Two weeks later, I got an offer to sell both condos. I later sold one, for a gross profit of $43,500. I held on to the second condo for longer, and when I did sell, I saw a much bigger gain.”

Real estate fortunes, large and small, are made at moments of big transformations like this.

And that was Ronan’s “eureka” moment…

In your home market, you might get to play one…maybe two…big transformations. When your beat is global, you get to play “once in a lifetime” transformations and play them far more often than once in your life…

And, even when your home market is mired in crisis, there’s always opportunity somewhere, if you have the right knowledge…and a little black book of contacts to give you the inside track on off-market deals.

That’s why Ronan founded his Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA) group in 2008—to help armchair investors access off-market, insider deals in up-and-coming locales that lead to profit.

Find out more about Real Estate Trend Alert here.  

Today, Ronan spends as much as half the year on the road, scouting out the hottest real estate opportunities for himself, and members of RETA. He follows tried-and-tested strategies where smart real estate investors can double their money. And, with the group buying power of RETA, Ronan can negotiate significant and exclusive discounts on deals for members, boosting their returns.

He is also the author of two books on international real estate: The Profit Principle: An Insiders Guide to Doubling Your Money in Real Estate Overseas and Real Estate that Will Make You Rich and You Can Get it For Free.