This is what other folks think about Ronan’s Real Estate Trend Alert service…

“Real Estate Trend
Alert (RETA) member Keith is a seasoned real estate investor—but had never
purchased outside North America. Here, he talks about how RETA helped him make
his first overseas property purchase. Watch his video here!”


“I am your #1 fan and expect to continue to share the great experience with others!”

S.C., California

“Real Estate Trend Alert has provided me with a variety of information and direction to explore countries outside of the USA for both investment and pleasure.”

Don C., Arizona

“I like the straightforward approach and the boots-on-the-ground scouting. You can’t do this stuff sitting behind a computer.”

Marc, Ohio

“The original selling price when built was around 230,000 Euros. I bought for 99,000 Euros. What I got was a 2BR, 2Bath Penthouse in a gated community with security, marble floors, marble walls in the bathrooms, full kitchen, one underground parking spot, a storage room and a view of the Mediterranean from our balcony. Priceless.”

Brian, Louisiana

“Ronan, I met you in Las Vegas a few years ago and you are one of the most honest guys I met…you gave me some advice that were not in your financial interest at all, but you figured it was the best for me and you did not hesitate to give me that advice. From that day, you got my loyalty.”

John S., Quebec

“Your connections to great deals in great places is worth every penny for the membership. I wish I had more capital to invest.”

John, Indiana

“Quality information about worldwide opportunities from a very reputable, and trustworthy source.”

S.K., California