I search the world for the greatest real estate opportunities.

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Who is Ronan McMahon...

I’m an international real estate investor and the founder of Real Estate Trend Alert, a service devoted to helping members invest in real estate around the world for big gains in capital appreciation, rental income, and often both.

My own real estate journey began over 20 years ago and I’ve been traveling the world ever since in search of opportunity. I’ve found those opportunities in places such as Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Brazil, Thailand, Belize, Croatia and beyond.

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Ronan is a best-selling author on Amazon.com and has been featured in publications such as Forbes and the New York Times.

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Here’s What Ronan’s Readers Say…

As his publisher of 14 years, I’ve traveled from the rice paddies of Thailand to the sun-kissed beaches of the Riviera Maya with Ronan. I’ve seen him in action as a real estate scout, and I’ve seen the difference his work has brought to thousands of people. I can safely say there is nobody more dedicated to finding and delivering great real estate deals to his readers.

Jackie Flynn

Publisher, International Living 

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Ronan has really taken the bull by the horns! The unique business model he’s developed over years of putting great deals together has proven to create great opportunities for expats and investors alike. If you’re looking for a seaside abode to hang your hat affordably, Ronan’s your man. He’s also your man if you want to invest and make money from a classic alternative asset—international real estate.

Addison Wiggin

The Wiggin Sessions

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What Ronan has built, both for himself and for his community investors, is a whole new way of looking at the world…and a modern way of living in and around it. Whenever I call Ronan, he’s always standing on a pristine coastline somewhere or just about to board a plane. But more than simply a jet setting lifestyle, he’s figured out how and where to pursue the greatest opportunities in real estate all over the globe.

Joel Bowman

Host of Fatal Conceits podcast, Bonner Private Research

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I will never spend a cent on real estate without getting Ronan’s sage advice. Ever since my first scouting trip for International Living, when Ronan took me under his wing in Colombia, I’ve been impressed with how he thinks about real estate, travel, and the world. And having met and talked to many of his Real Estate Trend Alert members, I know how incredibly unique and valuable his investing service is.

Eoin Bassett

Executive Editor, Pangea Research

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In Europe and America there are now more than 150 million ‘baby boomers’ eager for a better lifestyle. They’ve worked for years—9 to 5. Now, they want to relax and enjoy life. They’ve struggled with tight family budgets for years…now they’re able to live better than ever, while spending much less money. Ronan makes it easy for them.

William Bonner

Founder of the Agora Companies

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You provide a very robust number of opportunities and do a great job of explaining them. You provide a great deal of background rationale for why to invest and the presentations of material is first class.

Richard Shelton

Real estate investor

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You do the leg work, and we profit!

Jerry Robbins

Retired, RETA member

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Information from people on the ground is priceless.

Mason Rowe

Los Angeles, luxury real estate appraiser

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None of my investments would have been possible without Ronan and his team. Ronan has created a seamless process. He’s got the boots on the ground. He’s got the relationships with builders. He’s got the total package.

Mark McDaniel

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One of the big values of RETA is if you were to go on your own to buy a condo in Mexico or Panama, it would be nerve-racking. There is a lot of uncertainty. But with RETA they already have a network built in. Ronan has been doing it since 2008. He has a lot of contacts out there. And what I really like is the due diligence he does.

Grant Warden

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I’m a member of Ronan’s Real Estate Trend Alert. I discovered them through International Living. And I’m glad I did because they got me into some international real estate investment opportunities that I would have never found on my own.

Selma Sahin

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It’s been a wonderful experience being a Real Estate Trend Alert member. The deals that are brought are fabulous.

Kerry McNeil

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We’ve been following Ronan since about 2014. Our decision to invest [in property overseas] has been about hedging against inflation and diversifying outside of equities. And we love real estate and traveling to different places around the world.

Dan Johnson

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I’ve been a Real Estate Trend Alert member for about seven years. The thing I’ve found best is they introduce deals you would never otherwise see.

Roger Wheaton

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I’ve been an investor for quite some time. I really respect the Real Estate Trend Alert process. They research thoroughly, and I really value the quality of work that goes into these deals.

Cynthia Dickens

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Great research and connections in a wide variety of properties and countries. Great job people! Exceptional value to members and lots of great opportunities. Yes. One-of-a-kind research and opportunities to grow a retirement nest-egg.

David Simons

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Ronan is a dynamic guy and is a great dealmaker and negotiator. Our involvement with Real Estate Trend Alert has added immeasurably to our lives.

Tom Melesky

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You offer opportunities to people who otherwise would never be able to do these things for themselves.

Laura Carswell

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Real Estate Trend Alert is a huge source of information for us. We love all the scouting, due diligence and learning about the area. We get good, honest information.

Tony Teken

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Being a Real Estate Trend Alert member is better than trying to find international real estate opportunities on your own. The expertise in that group has been helpful for us to narrow down where to live and where to invest.

Chuck Reed

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Solid experienced advice with demonstrated track record of success.

Franklin Naga

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If you’re serious about making money in real estate, I don’t think there is any better group than RETA. Ronan’s decades of research, networking, and negotiating are what makes the difference.

Greg Bush

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Since belonging to Real Estate Trend Alert, our lives have gained a certain excitement. Real estate has always been an interest of mine, and later became a new business with partners. Having grown up in the travel industry, as well as working in it, owning international properties seems to go hand in hand.

Trish O’Connell

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We appreciate the effort that goes into finding these incredible deals and are looking forward to more!

Don and Lori Bossert

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